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NWN 1 - Tales of the Silver Marches Persistant World

Are you looking for a strong Roleplay server based in the Silver Marches of Faerun?  Come by and give us a look. 

We expect our members to be mature, intelligent, and respectful of each other while they enjoy the interaction in our server and forums.  A strong team of over 10 DM's has created a well supported and very active server.  At the moment our server covers from Silverymoon to Nesme in the Evermoors, over to Mithril Hall and on up to North Moonwood and Frost Hills. 

While we have players of all levels which regularly interact together for everyones enjoyment rather than seperation.  We also believe in keeping control of the "magic item" arms race that happens on many servers where players are running around with more and more powerful items till everyone seems able to rival the gods themselves.  Also, to encourage interaction and roleplay, we support even those players that wish to play a more "NPC" style such as merchant or even waitress in a bar.  Earning RP through roleplay has developed a strong roleplay community as well as adventurers. 

You don't need any files beyond the basic patches and CEP 2.0.  We figure players want to come in and give us a look, not have to download a dozen files before even knowing if they like the place!  We keep our server updated and bug free very regularly, even updating daily if necessary to fix bugs or add new and exciting events. 

Come on in, yell for a DM and we will be happy to give you the nickel tour and point out some starter things for you to get involved in.

We do follow the Faerun timeline and have started at 1369 dr, however we have just reached 1370 and are beginning the celebrations for the creation of the new Silver Marches Confederacy.  Join one of our many guilds or become a force to be reckoned with on your own.  Either way, come by the forums or the server and see what we can do for you.

Location has changed:  (Website)

and (Forum)

Tales of the Silver Marches server in the RP section of Gamespy.

If you have any questions, shoot me a note on the forums and I'll be happy to answer.  I go by Stonewyvern and look forward to you joining our community.

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