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Charity of Choice!

Child's Play Charity 2005This is a Charity started three years ago by Tycho and Gabe over at Penny Arcade to help out the kids stuck in hospitals over the holiday season! You can visit the site and click on the hospital of your choice to see the children's Wish List at You can then order and have it shipped directly to the hospital! (Please don't gift wrap.)

This is the first year that Child's Play is going to be Worldwide!! So let's all do our best to contribute!! Even if you don't have the money to buy stuff, you can post a link on your website, blog, or club! And if you have a printer (or your school or office will allow it) they have flyers that can be printed and hung up! Imagine how much good can be done if we get flyers hung up in high schools and colleges! Not to mention gaming stores!! Hey and comic shops while we're at it!! I'd really love to see this get spread around!!

If you want to link them then here are links to the banners I downloaded from their site. The links to the banners here are to my photobucket account, so if that bogs out, then please just visit their site and download from there. If someone lets me know if I bog down, I'll make a second photobucket account just for the banners!

Left to Right Banner

Up and Down Banner

Thank you for your support of this worthy cause!
Please join the Child's Play Charity Awareness Club and help spread the word about this wonderful cause!!!

Also please drop a visit and a thumb's up to Mistress Snow as her blog is where I found out about this!

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