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wolf star

Heavy armor and druid spells?

I'm playing a druid in the demo. Does heavy armor affect the Druid's ability to cast spells? I noticed that some armor I found have an arcane faliure rate of %20. I don't think the armor will affect a bard's ability to cast spells.

I haven't played Dungeons and Dragons before.

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Short answer, no. Read the long answer if you care to know why!

Longer answer, magic in DnD (and NWN of course) is divided into two types, arcane and divine. Arcane refers to spells cast by wizards, bards, and sorcerers; basically the more "magical" type magic. Divine magic on the other hand refers to spells cast by clerics, druids, rangers, and paladins. This magic comes from a divine source (typically either a deity or nature itself.) Divine magic isn't subject to armor penalties where as for the most part any armor other than cloth is going to have a chance of interfering with arcane magic.
Thanks for the information. I didn't know that paladins can cast spells.
Paladins and rangers start getting spells at I think 4th level and only go up to spell level 4 in the end I think. (All that provided they have a high enough wisdom score.) Casting spells is more of a light feature than a stable for their classes though.
Druid spells are divine spells rather than arcane spells, so arcane failure rate doesn't apply. However, a druid does not have the heavy armour feat - you will have to take that feat in order to wear heavy armour.

All armour affects bard spells, though light armour affects it only minimally. Bard spells are arcane, not divine, so they are affected by armour.

Hope that helps.
Thanks for the information. I didn't know that bard spells are arcane. Opps. I was playing a bard who wore chain armor in the demo. lol
Can druids wear heavy armor? IIRC they're limited to medium because they can't wear metal armor, only cloth, leather and hide. I've never played druids myself so I dunno about any actual penalties or if you can even take any armor feats as a druid, but Planet Neverwinter says this... and the offical site backs it up kinda...

"The weapons and armor of a druid are restricted by oaths, not training. A druid can learn to use a two-handed sword, but using it would violate the druidic oath and suppress all druidic powers. Druids avoid carrying much worked metal with them because it interferes with the pure and primal nature they embody."

Other than that, everything said here has been right on the money, druids are divine casters so arcane failure from armor is ignored.

As a side note, there is med/heavy armor out there that has the property of reducing or negating arcane spell failure. Works great when you want to make a spell-sword (wis/warrior or sorc/warrior).
From a role-playing pov you are correct, NWN does not enforce that though. A real GM might if you were playing D&D but the game doesn't.
Though there are heavy armor options in a rp setting, such as a very specially crafted suit of plate mail carved from wood and then has an iron wood spell cast on it.
Thanks for the information. I'll look for medium armor in the full game.